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Welcome to Chasein Pvt. Ltd.

Chasein as a digital marketing company best for you even if you are going to launch your brand or product or you are planning to start a media campaign or you are already running a successful business but want to expand it.  Chasein is also providing web design and development, content writing, Email marketing and market research and data scrapping services. 

Who Are We

We are digital marketing Expert.  We just deliver what we say

Our Mission

Result-oriented projects, customer satisfaction and long term business relationship

What We Do

We do Web-Design and development, SEO, SEM, Content marketing, Email Marketing,  Market research and data scrapping. 

Our history

Chasein Digital Marketing Agency is having a huge list of satisfied customer with great results.  We have a long history with many success stories as a freelancer and as a company.  We always considered a project as a first project and that’s why we are always giving excellent results.     

Our 6-W Digital Marketing Phases



Who are your Audience is our first step where we examine client databases, prospective audience models, audience from social media, audience from sponsored posts and email lists if a client doesn’t have these assets than we can work backwards by defining their local audience segment and then developing the targeting strategies accordingly.  So the digital marketing campaign for the client can be a game-changer. 



What should be the contents,  A key element of digital marketing is Contents.  We determine and develop the contents based on the brand we are going to promote and also the audience we are going to target.  We create the contents that are focusing the brand but at the same time providing the information what the audience want to get. So a content strategy is a communication plan which highlights key messaging points and delivered the information as well.



Where should we present once we know the targeted audience and brand information of client than we naturally find the best platforms where to present. May be social media campaign is beneficial for you or you may get benefit from the sponsored content campaign or you may need PPC or an advertisement on some specific and related sites.   We will evaluate a successful media plan for you.



When   should   we   start   the  media   campaign  for   you  ?   This   is   the   beauty   of   digital   marketing  .    We   will   define   strategies   when   a   media   campaign   could   be   more   beneficial   for   your   brand   and   what   type   of   regular     media   campaign   we   should   run  .   A   calendar-based     marketing   campaign   is   more   effective   than   the   usual   media   campaign  .     



Your conversion funnel. Every digital marketing action is along a conversion path to turn leads into customers, applicants or activists. During a media campaign, we always analysis the potential benefits you are getting from the marketing and continuously monitor enhanced the marketing strategy to get maximum benefits for you. We also examine how your current communications flow can be implemented with lead capture tools like slide-ins or landing pages etc.



This is the most frequently asked question from Digital marketing company. We’ve seen costs per acquisition drop by as much as 80% per-cent. Eighty per cent! Instead of acquiring one, you can now acquire ten. We’ve seen qualified audiences give at 1.55x the cost of their acquisition on a first ask. We have discovered new markets, converted leads through to applications at a mind-boggling 50% and help best-in-class organizations rebrand themselves.  At the end of a successful media campaign, clients will simply say Wow!!! I love it. 


Why choose us?

We are providing best quality design either these are contents, website or digital marketing campaign. 

We have a long list of satisfied clients and they are still our customers why because we always satisfied them with result-oriented projects.  Give us a chance you will be our happy customer too.

We have a technical support team which always respond to our clients in time with the exact information they need.  Our quick response time will also make you happy. 

Research and Development team, Web designers, Web Developer,  SEO Expert, Digital Marketing expert, Social media marketing team, and Email marketing expert with our technical support team.   We have a team of all professional who knows how to deliver the quality work and in time. 

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