SEO Starts with an Audit

Your Site might not be ranking due to technical SEO Issues

Why SEO Audit Services you need?

Your website might be eye-catching but still not getting any organic traffic, and you even fail to get ranked in search engine results pages. Most of the time, the reason is your poorly structured web with a lot of technical SEO issues. For identifying and resolving those issues, a Site SEO Audit is a must thing. Because if those issues will not be resolved your site could be penalized by the search engines. Our core 4 steps are:


The success of organic search depends on the search engines finding, reading and rating the content of the website. If this content is hampered in any way, organic performance can be significantly affected.

Recomended site audit


We check in depth the issues your web may have. In SEO Audit Checklist, there are more than 140 points which we will carefully analyze to identify the possible issues in your site. Chasein uses industry best tools in identification process to make sure nothing left.


Once the problems are discovered. Chasein outlines the issues and provides adapted recommendation to rectify the issues based on the information we find out about your web, hosting or backlinks.

site audit recomendation
site audit implementation


We then highlights the order in which each issue should be fixed, specifying the level of impact each problem has on organic performance. After implementation phase you will see positive impact on your ranking in SERP.

What is in our Audit Checklist?

A complete site SEO audit is a focused approach that involves using many SEO audit services, checklists, tools, and standards to review a website and its optimization campaign. An audit can also be used to create a list of vulnerabilities and action items and to overcome the weak points observed during analyses. Additionally, an on-page audit is often used to collect particular info and details that a business needs to adjust their SEO strategy and achieve ideal performance. Our complete checklist includes

Website Authority Check

On-Site Audit

Content Quality

Off-Page Strategy Check

Backlinks Profile Audit

Penalty Recovery Roadmap

Free SEO Audit

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